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Thousand Palms Mover Review by Ron C.

Subject: Testimonial Kevin, How does it feel being the “go to person” for moving? Seriously Kevin, thank you so much for your knowledge, professionalism and follow through. Over the last couple of years, you’ve helped me with: A move from Pacific Palisades California to Arcadia California. A move from San Diego California to Hemet California. A single move within Rancho Mirage California but with an element of storage. Moving items from Palm Desert California to Arcadia California. Kevin, during all these moves your people have been courteous, on time, and unbelievably careful. They have never damaged a single item. They have never failed to ask if they could do anything to help. They seem to know that when people move it can be a stressful time. They have tried to help eliminate as much of that stress as possible. I’m not sure you charge enough. You’ve always been competitive and usually less than the competition. It is a pleasure to use your services and it will be an honor to refer you in the future. Thanks again, Ron Cochran