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Requirements to file a claim

A claim form must be officially submitted either by (1) completing the form electronically on this page or (2) completing a hard copy of the official claim form within your filing deadline. Hard copies of the claim form can be sent via email to or by mail. Please contact your move counselor to determine how long you have to file your claim after delivery since various Federal and State rules may apply.

Information needed to file

Below is the information you will need to complete your claim form:

  • Article description
  • Damage description
  • Age of item
  • Original cost
  • Replacement cost
  • Inventory number (helpful although not required to complete your form)
  • An estimate for repairs is NOT necessary to submit your claim form. If one is needed, your Claims Counselor will make the necessary arrangements with a third party company in your area.
  • You can put the original cost in the “Cost to Replace” field. The “total amount claimed” is if what you are requesting is less than the original cost. For example, if there’s only a scratch on the item and you would rather have an allowance rather than replace the entire item.

Start a claim form. An associate will be following up with you after you submit your claim.


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