How to Pack a Lamp in 5 Simple Steps

Packing can be simple, but it can seem complicated if you don’t have the right equipment or know the right procedures. When it comes to packing awkwardly-shaped and fragile items—such as lamps—there are some tried and true methods for keeping your belongings safe.

Are your ready to pack your lamps like a pro? The Southern California home movers at Merit Moving Systems have some useful tips for packing your lamps safely and simply. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Disassembly.

First, avoid the temptation to pack your lamp without taking it apart first. The only way to make sure every piece is damage-free is to disassemble the lamp and pack each part appropriately. First, remove the lampshade and harp by unscrewing the finial. Set the finial aside in a safe place so it doesn’t get lost. Remove and discard the light bulb. If you use high-dollar bulbs and you want to keep them, pack separately in a designated box using bubble wrap.

Step 2: Wrap the Cord and Prongs.

The first step towards packing your lamp is by securing the cord and prongs. Prongs can damage your lamp if they are not padded. You can cover the prongs with foam, packing paper, or bubble wrap. Gather the cord neatly and wrap the cord in packing paper. Secure with tape and you’re ready to start packing the lamp base!

Step 3: Pack the Lamp Base.

Get a large piece of packaging paper. Lay the base down on the corner of your sheet then roll the lamp up in the packing paper like a burrito. You can secure the packing with tape or not, but if you choose to, make sure you don’t tape the lamp base to the paper. Once wrapped, place your lamp base into a single box that is pre-lined with crumbled wrapping paper. If you are packing a large lamp, you might need a lamp box instead.

Step 4: Pack the Harp and Finial.

Locate the harp and finial you removed earlier. Wrap these pieces together to help ensure the finial doesn’t get lost. Secure with tape and then place them in the box along with the lamp base. This will make putting you lamp back together simpler. Fill any gaps inside the box with packing paper to keep items from jostling during the move. Secure the closed box with tape—and don’t forget to label the box!

Step 5: Pack the Lamp Shade.

Lamp shades are fragile, so you want to pack these separately. Sometimes it is safe to pack multiple shades together by placing them inside one another, but if you aren’t sure, pack each one separate. Begin by padding the box with crumbled packing paper. Place the shade in the box upright. Never pack a lampshade on its side. Fill the inside of the shade with packing paper. If you stack multiple shades, layer them with packing paper in-between. To keep the shade safe, fill any extra space inside the box with packing paper before you close up the box. Label it, and you’re done!

Packing your lamp properly might seem over-complicated, but it’s actually very simple and can be done in just a few minutes. For more expert packing tips or to connect with local movers who can handle all the packing for you, go with Merit Moving Systems—the preferred full-service moving company for Orange County, Riverside County, and Bernadino County!