How to Pack Fragile Glassware

Doing most of the packing for your move is a great way to save money and keep costs down. However, you'll still want to take extra care when packing fragile glassware. Otherwise, the glasses can break in the box during transit no matter how gently the local movers treat them. As part of United Van Lines, Merit Moving Systems has put together a short tutorial on how to pack glassware, so it can safely withstand moves of any length. Follow these tips and you'll be packing like one of our pro home movers in no time.

How Movers Wrap Glassware

To ensure that your fragile glassware makes the move to your new home without breaking, you'll want to pack it just like the moving company does. For this process, you'll need moving supplies, such as a stack of tissue paper sheets and newsprint.

  • Wrap each glass separately in a sheet of tissue paper and an outer sheet of newsprint to protect it.
  • Roll the paper around the glass, starting from the outer corner of the sheet to completely cover it.
  • Fold a piece of tissue paper accordion-style to wrap around the stem of a wine glass before wrapping the entire glass in a second sheet of tissue paper.
  • Stuff the interior of a large or especially fragile glass with crumpled tissue paper to add even more cushioning.

How Residential Movers Pack Glassware

You'll likely want to pack each glass as you wrap it for convenience. A sturdy cardboard box is the best choice. Ideally, it should be a dish carton, which is a reinforced cardboard box for packing plates and glasses. You'll also want cell pack, which are cardboard sheets that interlock to create a celled grid.

  • Prepare the dish carton by filling the bottom with a layer of crumpled paper for cushioning.
  • Pack any wrapped plates, platters, and pans you want to move in the bottom of the box first.
  • Add another layer of crumpled paper and top with a flat sheet of cardboard.
  • Insert the cell pack to serve as a holder for your wrapped glassware.
  • Place each wrapped glass into a separate cell as you go.
  • Fill any empty cells with crumpled paper to keep things from moving too much.
  • Top the filled cell pack with more crumpled paper to fill up the box to the brim.
  • Fold over the flaps and secure with packing tape.

Since most dish cartons are tall, you can probably fill yours with multiple layers of glassware. Use your best judgement for the number of layers, keeping in mind that the glassware on the bottom will bear more weight. About two layers of glassware is probably okay for most dish cartons, with a layer or two of plates on the bottom.

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed with packing for a relocation, you can get help from the experienced residential movers at Merit Moving Systems. We've been serving area customers in Orange County, Riverside County, and San Bernardino County for more than 60 years. Give us a phone call or fill out our online form to request your free, at-home consultation and price estimate for any of your full-service packing and moving needs.