For bookworms planning a long-distance move, finding a way to transport a collection of books safely and securely is likely to be an essential part of the entire process. While it may seem simple enough to those that haven’t done it before, packing books—like packing anything else that belongs to you—requires a certain amount of technique and special consideration for success.  

At Merit Moving Systems, our local movers are proud to serve our customers in Southern California with the professional expertise, state-of-the-art equipment, tools, and techniques necessary to create smooth and streamlined moving experiences, no matter what it is we’re moving. When it comes to books, we know how important it is to follow a certain protocol to ensure that books are packed properly during a move, and what can go wrong if these rules aren’t followed.

In this article, your trusted team of residential movers at Merit Moving Systems will share some tips on how to pack books the right way—to prepare you in time for your long-distance or local move to your new home.

Declutter Your Collection

A long-distance move is a perfect time to declutter your book collection as much as possible. As it goes with any of your household possessions, the more things you carry, the more time and money you’ll have to spend moving them during relocation.

Relocation is the perfect time to sort through your things and decide what’s really important to you, and what can be donated, gifted, or sold. Revising your collection can also be a great time to categorize the books you will be taking with you for better organization in your new home.

Use Small- to Medium-Sized Moving Boxes

It is a general rule of thumb that heavier items must go in small- to medium-sized boxes. Since books are among the heaviest items in your household, it is recommended to acquire sturdy boxes that are small or medium in size.

Although you may be able to find a large box which can fit all your books, stuffing them all into one box is not recommended. Overstuffed or extremely heavy boxes are very difficult to carry and can be a challenge for you, your movers, or whoever else may be helping you on moving day. Additionally, the box may break if it’s too heavy—which could result in the damage or loss of your books.

Prepare the Moving Boxes

Prepare the boxes for packing by placing tissue paper or packing paper at the bottom. Padding will serve as a protective layer to cradle the spines of the books, especially for books that are aging and delicate. Once you’ve packed your books by alternating bound edges, use bubble wrap and more tissue or packing paper to fill in the gaps and protect your books from damage.

Pack Your Books in Your Suitcase

Books are very heavy, especially when carried together in large boxes. The great thing about using a suitcase for packing your books is that the wheels in the suitcase make them easier and faster to transport. Take advantage of suitcases with wheels and use them to carry your largest and heaviest books, without the possibility of hurting your back, neck, and shoulders.

Handle the Books with Care

All your books, particularly bound volumes, and expensive antique books should be handled with utmost care. It is recommended to individually wrap these items for an added layer of protection, and make sure that they are secured. Furthermore, it is important to have these books separated by cardboard so that the spine of the book remains straight during the move.

Hire Professional Movers for a Stress-Free Move

While you can always go for the DIY approach, the most convenient packing method for moving books and other belongings is to hire professional residential movers to do it for you.

Merit Moving Systems is a full-scale relocation services provider with an excellent track record of satisfied homeowners in Southern California. Our long-distance movers are experts in moving books and specialty items of all kinds and offer a range of comprehensive services personalized to suit your needs for your relocation project.

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