It wasn’t long ago that the only option movers in Southern California had when it came to packing materials is cardboard. It’s also true that it continues to be the quickest and easiest way to pack your belongings today. You can get cardboard boxes from a moving company, but you can also get them online, from truck rental companies, and much more.

But, for some movers, using cardboard boxes just doesn’t sit right. You deserve more options, like reusable moving boxes!

Why choose plastic boxes when moving? Some reasons are obvious, while others are not so obvious.

They Are an Eco-Friendly Option

One of the most convincing reasons to choose plastic boxes is the fact that they are eco-friendlier. Although cardboard boxes can be recycled, it requires a lot of resources to recycle those boxes. Not to mention, many boxes won’t get recycled at all, because it’s much easier to throw them in the garbage.

Recycling moving boxes can be reused again and again with next to no impact on the environment. They can be used dozens, or even hundreds, of times more than traditional cardboard.

They Are More Durable

Durability is an important consideration during your move. Although cardboard boxes are better than shoving your belongings in bags, they pale in comparison to plastic boxes.

Plastic boxes are stronger than cardboard because they won’t buckle under the weight of other boxes that are stacked on top.

They also hold up in better in the weather. Unlike cardboard boxes that can be compromised after getting stuck in the rain, plastic will hold its shape, and keep the contents inside nice and dry.

They Are More Secure

Security is important too. It’s especially important if you’re moving cross-country and multiple moving teams will be helping you transport your belongings, or if you’re planning on leaving some sensitive belongings in storage.

It’s easy for tape to be ripped from a box and the contents rifled through. Plastic boxes can be secured with zip ties, which requires the extra step of finding a box cutter or a pair of scissors before breaking into the box. Some boxes even have holes that can secure the lid with a padlock for even more protection.

Sold on the idea of using reusable boxes for your move, but not sure where to find them? Check with Merit Moving Systems. Our professional movers can provide you with industry-leading services, which means allowing you to use plastic boxes during your move. Contact us today to learn more!