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It’s a new decade, which means that most of us are considering what kind of changes we want to make to better our lives. One of the most surefire ways to make a truly impactful change is to relocate to a new neighborhood, city, state, or even country. According to U.S. Census Data, 691,000 people moved out of California in 2018—a number that’s sure to increase in 2020.

At Merit Moving Systems, we’re noticing a clear rise in relocations in the first part of 2020. We’re proud to help families and households get a fresh start to the new decade with a well-planned and organized moving experience. If you’re on the fence about moving, take a look at this helpful guide from our expert team of moving professionals on what you should consider before planning a move this year.

Mapping out Your Adventure

No matter the reason for a move, relocation is always an adventure—whether your move is planned and for a specific reason (like a job transfer, or career change), or sudden or spontaneous. However, once you have decided to move, it’s always important to be prepared and organized for the very best outcome possible.

Always consider the following when contemplating a move:

  • Cost of Living: You know what it takes to live where you are now. Does it cost more where you want to go? Is it cheaper? Why or why not? Consider using a handy guide to determine what locations are in line with your means.
  • Jobs: Sometimes moving for better job opportunities is its own adventure. While there are numerous industries operating in each major city, there’s no disputing that some cities and states have more of one industry than another. Plus, some job markets are just more favorable. For example, if you’re a teacher, you should consider moving to Rhode Island—ranked in 2017 as the “best state to be a teacher” by the National Council on Teacher Equality.
  • Culture: New York City is one of the most popular cities in the U.S. thanks to its diverse variety of food, entertainment, events, and more. However, if you prefer the quiet of the country, living in a big city may not be your idea of the perfect place to live. Take a good look at the culture of the places you’re interested in moving to and consider whether they truly offer the type of lifestyle you want.
  • Transportation: How will you move around the place you’re moving to? Transportation is an important aspect to consider when thinking about relocating to a new part of the world. Naturally, they tend to think in terms of how they already commute. Failure to consider potential differences can lead to a culture shock you weren’t prepared for.
  • People: Nothing dampens the sense of adventure more than being surrounded by people you don’t feel like you fit in with. This can be due to different cultures, ages, gender ratios, and a range of other factors. On the other hand, meeting new people that live and think differently from you can be a great way to grow as a human being. Either way, scope out the place you’re moving to beforehand to understand the community you’re going to become a part of.

Long Distance Movers with Merit Moving Systems

A long-distance move is traditionally complicated and nerve-wracking. At Merit Moving Systems, our long-distance and local movers don’t believe it has to be that way—and go above and beyond to pair our customers with the services and options they need for an easy, affordable, and no-hassle moving experience.

If you’re ready to pursue a new adventure in a new town, city, state, or country—give our expert moving team of professional long-distance movers a call now to start planning. To go ahead and request a free estimate in your home, fill out our online form for more information.