phoenix skyline

Are you thinking about moving to Arizona? If you’re currently a resident of Southern California, you’re certainly not alone. Many are making the same trek due to the high quality of life and relatively low cost of living just across state borders. The Grand Canyon state also has lots to offer in terms of natural scenery and incredible destinations! 

Even though Arizona is out west, it’s definitely able to offer you more than just desert. Moving to Arizona will get you closer to diverse, beautiful landscapes such as canyons, forests, mountain ranges, and more! If you move to this environment, you’ll find yourself living just a few minutes away from landmarks other people travel thousands of miles to visit. These include the Grand Canyon, the Red Rocks at Sedona, and Saguaro National Monument. 

Thinking about staying in California because you want the temperate climate associated with that region? There’s no reason not to move to Arizona because of this! In Northern Arizona, you can expect snowfall, and all throughout the state cooler temperatures can be found regularly throughout the year. 

All in all, Arizona is a beautiful place to live. When you’re thinking about your move, you’re likely thinking about finances, too--such as the cost of hiring a southern California moving company. However, you’ll find that this can likely be offset by the low cost of living that you’ll find in Arizona. Think about it this way: Spending a little more to get to a place where you’ll be spending significantly less each year is an overall gain, right? With average costs of living that are as low as half as what you’ll find in California, you stand the chance of gaining quite a lot. 

Ready to call up your long-distance movers yet? There’s more: Between the attractive outdoor activities popular in Arizona (such as hiking, mountain biking, and other active pursuits) and the top-tier education that serves Arizona, one thing is becoming increasingly clear: Arizona is the place to be--and play, and raise your children. 

If you’re sick of crazy traffic jams, you might want to pay attention to this: The habitual congestion for which southern California is famous is nowhere in Arizona! Even the largest cities in Arizona feature shorter commute times and less traffic overall. The state does have affordable public transportation for larger, less walkable cities, making transportation overall simply a breeze. 

It might cost a pretty penny to move to Arizona; according to the latest statistics from governing bodies, to hire interstate movers for a shorter interstate move can cost up to five grand. Hiring United Van Lines will cost significantly less to help you save money! 

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