Moving a Large, Fragile Item

When you arrive at your new home after a long day of moving, the last thing you want to deal with is a pile of broken belongings. Unfortunately, many people who move make mistakes during the packing process, leading to damaged items. The good news is that these problems are completely preventable!

With a little bit of extra time and energy, you can ensure that your truckload of belongings arrives safe and sound at your destination. Some of the most commonly damaged large and delicate items include large-screen TVs, sculptures, statues, artwork, and mirrors. These pieces are too big to fit in traditional moving boxes, and some movers take the easy way out and don’t bother to take precautionary measures with them.

Spend Time on the Packing Process

It can be tempting to rush through the packing process but doing so will likely leave you with broken items. Consider professional grade packing materials so that your precious keepsakes are protected every step of the way.

Custom wood crating is an ideal option for those awkwardly shaped pieces. This style of crating is designed to fit snugly over irregularly shaped items to keep them secure during transit. Moving pads are another great option. These pads offer a bit of extra cushioning to prevent dings and scratches if an item rubs against another. If you’re relocating a large-screen TV, invest in boxes that are specifically designed to fit its dimensions.

Protect Your Items Before They Leave Your Current Home

Before your items even make it into your moving truck, you’ll need to spend some time taking pictures of them. Having photographs of your items pre-move will give you a record of what the pieces looked like before they are transported. Additionally, you’ll want to compile an inventory of all your belongings so that you can keep track of each and every time. Last but not least, be sure to buy the full valuation coverage for your move. If not, there’s a good chance any items that are damaged in the move will only be reimbursed by weight, rather than their actual sale value.

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