offseason moving benefits

We’re a nation of travelers, and it’s not unusual for people to relocate multiple times. For most people, the warmer months are usually the most popular time to move thanks to a number of factors. From May until September is considered the moving industry’s peak season. Children are on summer break, which makes switching schools a bit easier. Of course, there’s typically less rain during the summer, so there’s less chance of the weather creating barriers to moving.

While these advantages are nice, there are also reasons why some people prefer to schedule their moves during the offseason time (October through April). One of the biggest perks is the fact that there are fewer people moving during this period.

That means you’ll have more options when it comes to scheduling the date of your move. Conversely, moving companies can often book up quickly in the summer months, so winter is an ideal time for flexible moving dates.

You’ll also likely receive your items faster since crews are typically more available. You could also have additional storage space in moving companies’ warehouses, as not so many people will be looking for short-term storage solutions.

Another big reason people prefer to move in the cooler months is due to finances. Lots of moving companies reduce their rates during the offseason, helping you save on items like packing materials and the moving services themselves. Coupled with the benefits of a slower real estate industry during the winter, you could see significant savings on your move.

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