It’s normal to have a bit of apprehension when moving your dental practice. After all, such a move involves delicate and expensive dental equipment. Also, it’s a project that demands a lot of careful planning. In line with that, the genuine tips and pointers outlined here will lead to a successful transition.

Create a Plan and Schedule

A detailed plan and schedule of your move is important and should be done months before the D-day. During this time, you should examine the new space, learn if renovations are necessary, and the cost involved with the moving process. Good planning will help you avoid hasty decisions and delays in opening your new location.

A plan of the new space also lets you know where your office equipment and other materials can go. You might need to measure and take inventory of every item to avoid potential issues with the moving process. That also includes making provisions for new items you might need in your new dental practice.

Keep the Practice Running

Downtimes and dark periods can happen. However, you shouldn’t allow a situation where your staff and your office ground to a halt. For these reasons, ensure that you can stay in your current space for as long as necessary. This way, unforeseen delays won’t prevent you from fully moving into your new space. When you move without having items and equipment in place, it will disrupt the flow of your practice and business in general.

Take note of how much time you have left at your current practice location to help you plan accordingly to avoid a complete shutdown of your practice during the transition.

Notify Suppliers and Existing Clients

Your suppliers and existing customers should be kept in the loop about your move. Thankfully, you can use various measures to keep them informed, including phone calls and emails. They should know about your new place of business about two or three months in advance.

Also, professionals that refer patients to your dental practice should be informed. The scheduled moving date and new office address are part of the process. Place a reminder notice in your current office so that visitors can easily see them.

Hire a Professional Moving Company

Relocating your dental practice can get you overwhelmed at some point. That’s why you need to hire a reliable, professional moving company. Ensure that such a company provides end-to-end logistics solutions and has years of experience packing, moving, and relocating fragile equipment like X-ray machines. Your need for a fast and seamless relocation for your dental practice must be a priority during consultations before leading to a moving estimate.

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