One of your most important choices during a residential move happens before you pack the first box. With so many internet searches available, you may run across a moving broker promising significant savings. However, there are major differences between a moving company and a broker.

Item Damage Protection & Reimbursement

Damaged household goods are one of those things nobody wants to think about. The reality is it can happen. Before opting to go with a moving broker, consider the following: Brokers are not insured and do not serve as a point of contact when making a claim. Moving companies, however, are legally required to reimburse you for any damages.

Licensing for Interstate Moves

Moving companies must go through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to transport household goods across state lines. They’re also required to prove they have. However, moving brokers have no such requirements.

Reputation Research

You’ll likely consider internet reviews from previous customers when searching for the perfect residential mover. Previous customers frequently review moving companies. Moving brokers don’t offer this same transparency as they have no hand in customer services.

Moving Trucks and Equipment

A moving broker may not provide much insight if you’re looking for a provider with specific qualities. Suppose you’re looking for air-ride trucks. In that case, a broker won’t have much information because they don’t actually own any equipment.

Moving Services Provided

Moving companies have experience providing actual moving services such as packing, transportation, and storage services. They stay current on industry trends and best practices. On the other hand, a moving broker only helps you find a company that does these things.

Support Local Economy

Moving companies operate in the physical world. They utilize real estate, pay business taxes, and employ local residents. In short, they help keep the economy rolling. Many brokers only conduct business over the phone and can operate from anywhere in the world.

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