Everyone loves a good deal! Maximizing savings without compromising quality is a goal worth aligning for. When it comes to saving money on your residential relocation, follow these tips to reduce costs without compromising efficiency.

Choosing a Low-Cost Moving Company

It may be tempting to settle for the lowest-priced moving company. However, before you consider going with the lowest bidder, check out past reviews, affiliations, and their standing with the Better Business Bureau. The expense of damage replacement could quickly overshadow a cheap move.

Seek Reusable Moving Supplies

Many moving companies have reusable moving supplies such as moving pads or wardrobe boxes. If you’ve hired a professional mover, many of them will allow you to use these items during local moves. You can also check with local retail stores to see if they have leftover shipping boxes.

Use Household Fabrics to Pack

Instead of using multiple boxes to pack towels, blankets, sheets, or other fabrics, consider using them as packing materials. In some cases, these items provide great additional padding. However, speak with your residential mover about the best packing methods for particularly delicate items.

Empty Self-Storage Containers

Professional moving companies will add extra stops to pick up storage belongings. Still, you can save money by eliminating pick-up locations. Before your moving day, empty your self-storage and condense those items with your household goods.

Have a Yard Sale

While clearing out a storage or attic space, you’ll likely find items you rarely use. Instead of paying to move those items, consider having a yard sale. Not only will you downsize your relocation, but you’ll add money back into your pocket you can use towards the move.

Donate Non-Perishable Food

Before you pack up your pantry, consider this: household moving expenses are often calculated based on weight. Instead of paying to move the 99-cent can of green beans, consider donating perishable foods to a local church or food bank.

Evaluate Your Closet

Let a friend or family member shop your closet if you have a large wardrobe but only wear a few outfits regularly. You can also go through your closet and donate neglected clothing to your local Goodwill or Salvation Army store.

Following these tips will help you achieve the most cost-effective move while also hiring experienced long-distance movers. Merit Moving Systems has been Southern California’s choice residential moving company for more than 65 years. Get a free quote for an efficient move today.