Your pet is a valued member of your family, so on moving day it is important to keep them safe and secure. At Merit Moving Systems we know it is a priority to take into consideration all of your family members including your furry friends. In order to keep your pets safe during your next move our team has put together a list of tips and tricks that we have gathered over the last four decades. We suggest you use these tips to ensure everyone is safe and focused on moving day.

Hire a Pet Sitter

Trusted friends and neighbors are a great place to start when looking for a pet sitter. If someone close by who already knows your pet can watch your furry friend, it will help you be more efficient on moving day. It will also help your pet not become stressed out by being confined and having a bunch of new people coming in and out of their home.

Give You Pet a Favorite Treat of Toy

We all know a dog’s go to treat is a peanut butter filled Kong. If you give your pet a toy that also doubles as a treat it can help relieve some of their anxiety during your upcoming move.

Make Sure to Pack for Your Pet

Depending on how far you are moving it is a good idea to pack your pet a suitcase! We suggest that you make sure you have enough food and comfort supplies for your trip. This is especially important during a long-distance move.

Find a Local Vet

When you know where your new residence is going to be, do not forget to find a vet to help keep your pet up to date on all of their vaccines. You do not want to wait until an unexpected emergency happens to find a veterinarian.

Figure Out Your Local Regulations

Exotic pets can cause issues depending on where you are moving. Some states and international relocations have specific regulations and restrictions about what kind of animals are considered domestic pets. If you are doing a residential move with a unique animal, this is important to check out before you buy a new home.

Habitats, Cages, & Aquariums

Your pet’s habitat is an important part of their survival. If you are moving a pet with a fragile home, it is important to properly pack both your animal and their home. A good local moving company should be able to provide you with the padding and crating options you may need for larger items.

Shipping Your Pet

If you are embarking on a complicated long-distance move, self-transport may not be an option. Try hiring a shipping company that focuses on pet relocation. The International Pet and Animal Transportation Association can be a great resource for finding moving companies that specialize in pet shipping. (

Merit Moving Systems is a reliable pet relocation specialist. Our team would be happy to help you figure out how to properly and safely get your pet to its new home, Call us today for a free quote.