Whether you’re moving nearby or to a new state, moving is stressful for anyone—especially kids. Since your children may feel overwhelmed by this change, it’s important to find ways to alleviate their stress and help them transition to their new home. The following tools can be used to help your children adjust as your family settles in.

Moving Locally with Kids

If you move locally, your kids will probably remain in the same school district, see the same friends, and go about a normal routine. However, they may need time to get comfortable in a house they aren’t familiar with.

Try to understand it from a child’s point of view who doesn’t understand why they need to go through this change. Since they lack control in this situation, it can be helpful to let them make decisions concerning this move, such as how they will decorate their new room and what they decide to pack. Hiring local movers can take much off the pressure of a move.

In addition to transporting all of your items, full-service moving companies will also pack and assemble furniture. This way, when your family arrives at your new house, your children can get used to their new room right away.

Moving Long Distance with Kids

As you move further away, relocating becomes harder for many children. Communicate what this move will look like with your children, so they know exactly what to expect. This can help make the transition feel more familiar. By keeping their daily routines, the same and helping them stay in contact with their friends, kids can move across the country without uprooting their entire lives.

You can also prepare your children by researching new activities they will be able to experience. Explore their new neighborhood virtually to form a better idea of what your new life will look like. Some places you can explore include:

  • After School Clubs and Sports
  • Outdoor Parks and Nature Centers
  • Libraries
  • Recreational Centers
  • Amusement Parks
  • Concert Halls
  • Sports Arenas

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