If you are moving or planning on moving and have pets this should be a useful article to you.  Moving day is not only a stressful day for you but also for your animals. Most pets do not responds well to big changes, and moving is a pretty big change.  On moving day there will be boxes everywhere so their surrounding will be very different than they are used to causing them to be stressed out and often they will try to hide or run away.

We have a story of this happening recently.  We were long a long distance move for a local resident to Anaheim, and at the end of the move they were unable to find their cat.  They searched all over their home and cars and still couldn’t find their cat.  They had a flight early the next day so the time was of the essence.  The guys from the moving crews started checking all the large boxes first incase the cat found a box to hide in.  after searching through the boxes we finally found the cat in one of the mattress boxes.  The cat had actually climbed up into the box spring mattress.

So if you are moving and have pets it’s important to keep an eye on them.  To take it a step further if you have a travel kennel that is your best bet.  This will ensure they are safe and you know where they are at all time.