Cali moversRemember when you were a kid sitting at the breakfast table, reading the back of cereal box? Remember the advertisement for the battery-operated-red-rocket-swivel spoon that cost a measly dollar and box-top? Remember sending the money and that piece of cardboard in the mail, then waiting two weeks for it to arrive? Remember how magical those two weeks were? How you waited and waited and daydreamed and daydreamed until the moment your new toy arrives?

And then it did.

As you opened the packaging you imagined your friends’ faces. “It came all the way from China,” you would say, and all your friends would nod in approval. Everyone would want to hold it and press the button. Everyone would be impressed.

But when you finally got the box open you couldn’t have been more disappointed, because your one-dollar-and-a-box-top toy wasn’t even worth the envelop it arrived in – much less the time you spent fantasizing about it... or was it?

The truth is you got your money’s worth before the battery-operated swivel spoon ever arrived in your mailbox. The daydreaming and anticipation – the fanaticizing – made you excited and giddy. It gave you an adrenaline rush and made you feel good. The truth is the battery-operated-red-rocket-swivel spoon was worth every penny.

The anticipation of moving into a new home can give you the same feeling (without the letdown, of course). That is as long as you move with the right Anaheim moving company – one that will work with you to ensure that the process is smooth, seamless and as far away from stressful as possible. Move with Merit Moving Systems, the premier Anaheim household movers, and that’s just what you’ll get.

Call Merit Moving Systems today to speak with an Anaheim mover about your transition. We’ll help you preserve the excitement of the big day without all the stress – guaranteed!