When it comes to planning for a move, the sooner you start the better. As soon as you know you’ll be relocating, it is recommended that you contact a moving company at least 6-8 weeks before your required moving date and no less than 4 weeks ahead of time. This will help you avoid unnecessary complications and stress.

If you’re planning a move during the summer months or near a holiday, try and plan ahead even further. As these two ‘seasons’ are the busiest times for movers, planning ahead is essential to making sure that you have the best available moving dates and services to choose from.

By giving yourself enough time to prepare, you’ll have no problem researching multiple moving companies, getting in-home estimates and confidently selecting the best company to meet your needs.

In addition to having more options for available move dates and a larger selection of movers at your disposal, it is likely that you’ll get a better deal by planning ahead. On top of all that, if a moving company has ample notice, they can be better prepared and ready to tackle any special requirements you may need to have addressed at the time of your move.

A quality moving company will work with you to help you plan your moving process from start to finish. Contact Merit Moving Systems, the premier Southern California Movers, to get started on your next move! Our friendly, helpful representatives will be happy to answer your questions and help you have the most seamless, stress-free move experience possible!